About Transition Dunbarton

Transition Dunbarton is an emerging network of individuals and groups who have come together with a shared concern about regional effects of issues such as increasing cost of energy, climate change and economic instability.

Our vision is to work together to build Dunbarton community resilience in the face of these issues by unlocking the creative genius, skills and determination in our townsfolk.

Our lovely town of Dunbarton is blessed with many skilled, talented and enthusiastic people already dedicating their gifts to our community. Transition Dunbarton seeks to nurture connections between our diverse groups and individuals, and harness our unique community spirit to work toward developing positive practical solutions and ensure a future that is more connected to and more gentle on the Earth, socially just, and spiritually fulfilling.

We believe that collectively, with shared values of optimism, respect and good cheer we can build a future that is more self-sustaining and better able to withstand the pressures of rapidly shifting global systems.

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